Обращение президента Tyche Tours

Tyche was established over 30 years ago and it';s reputation has flourished on the succes of its operation throughout Jordan. The philosophy that motivates us at Tyche is planning, specialization and attention to detail.

As a child in Kerak I grew up under the shadow of the great Crusader fortress and a visit to Petra almost half a century ago was a long and arduous journey. And then I felt it a privilege to live in this great and historic country. Now it gives me great pleasure to be able to share those unique experiences with thousands from around the globe.

At Tyche we have a very loyal following of clients who trust us to give them a holiday of a lifetime which lives up to their expectation and to our promises.

Whether you are planning a short business trip, a family holiday, a pilgrimage or a convention we promise to give you the best that Jordan has to offer and to take vary special care of you.

We do not forget you have a choice.

Ibrahim Mahadin